How We've Scaled Our Agency Partners To 7 Figures In Under 11 Months By Automating Their Agency's
Okay, Alex:

✔ I watched the video.

✔ I'm an Agency Owner.

✔ Need your guys’ help.

✔ Please: Get me clients!

✔ Do everything for me.

✔ 100% Automate my FB Cold Outreach.

✔ 100% Automated my LinkedIn Outreach.

✔ 89% Automate my Cold Email Outreach.

✔ Train My VA To Take Care Of The Other 11%.

✔ Help Turn Appointments --> Sales With Me.

✔ I Want It All!

✔ Offer, ads, copy, emails, tech & more.

✔ So I can rise to the top of my niche!

✔ I know this requires an investment.

✔ That's okay - I'm ready.

✔ And I'd love to learn more.

Assuming all of that’s true?
212 Client Applicants in 31 Days!

Our CEO's Facebook Marketing Partner Profile - 180 Day Report

Our Clients eCommerce Stores - 2019 Results

What life is like inside the Everlasting Agency = waking up to clients READY to work with you 

What life is like for your clients when working with the Everlasting Agency = 440 Qualified Leads in 1 Month and a Week!
Hit $20k/mo in Monthly Recurring Revenue in LESS Than 90 Days.
(From 96 hours a week to only 4 hours a day & making more money)
$7,021.83 DAY 1 PROFIT 🤯
Software, Tools
Our system requires:

 • Domain ($15/year)
 • Privacy protection ($15/year)
 • Hosting ($7/mo)
 • ClickFunnels Agency Level ($297/mo)
 • ActiveCampaign ($297/mo)
 • Calendly ($15/mo/user)
 • ContactSmarter ($199/mo)
 • Email Scraping Software ($99/mo)
 • AdEspresso Ad Management Software ($499/mo)
 • RevealBot Ad Automation & Reporting ($299/mo)
 • Facebook Ad Spend ($1000/mo - $3000/mo)

Do the math: that’s $1,712 per month! 
(not even including FB ads)

And yes, you’d need to pay that every single month… for as long as you’re in business!

NOT with this bonus, you don’t.

We're gonna pick up the tab.

We'll host it all to start! 

Saving you… $20,544 per year!


You won’t need to log in and learn the ins and outs of each of these tools yourself.

Or troubleshoot if something goes down.


We’ll handle it all, internally.

So you can put down the tech… and we pick up the check!

But I know what you’re thinking:

“That makes no sense. Wouldn’t you be losing money if tons of gym owners and personal trainers took you up on this?”

Good question.

The answer’s no.

And I’ll tell you why…

Two reasons:

1, as an early investor in three of these giant companies, I was able to secure lifetime “master accounts.”

2, on the others, I negotiated steep discounts by buying in bulk.

So that’s how I’m able to offer you this entire software suite, free of charge.

Make sense? Good.

But even still, it’s gonna cut into my profit over time - another big reason these bonuses are going away shortly.

So, I can’t say this enough times on this page:

Even the slightest delay in booking a call could result in tens of thousands of dollars in unclaimed advantages!

If none of the following Bonuses do it, this one should get you on our calendar faster than a sneeze through a screen door.

You're probably asking:
“How much will this cost?”

We charge a fair fee. Right now, it’s steeply discounted for digital marketing agencies & consultants...

Then I'll bump it back to full price. Which could happen any day now.  

So if I were you, I wouldn’t wait around - I’d book now.

And don’t sweat our fees.

So a better question might be: can you afford not to make this investment?


The truth is: twelve hours a day, seven days a week… for years… to match what I could do for you in a matter of weeks.

Hey, your call. 

"What does it mean to cover my marketing?"

We'll help you find your perfect audience, craft your exact offering and dial in sales, digital advertising, systems and funnels to monetize it in a matter of months so you can acquire clients rapidly & fast.

“How do I get my clients results?”

Good questions. We can run ALL your clients ads for you. Not only that - we give you our in-house media buying course if you'd rather do it yourself to help you understand your offer & get you started in the right direction for cheap.

“Facebook ads don't work these days.”


When my team does them, they do.


The first round of agencies & coaches who bought in are already crushing it.

This is a fact, not opinion.

"How fast will I see results?"

As soon as you plug in and implement the strategies and methods that I teach.

First, likes on your Facebook ad. Then comments. Then email leads. Then bookings. Then sales.

And just think:

All of this could happen on day ONE of you going live. That’s the beauty of this system.

Of course, you LISTENING & DOING the work will be the X-factor.


Don’t get me wrong: this is not some sketchy get rich quick scheme.  

Just world-class marketing, plus a smart, scalable system, plus positioning that makes working with you seem irresistible.

“What type of results can I expect?”

Well, I’ll tell you what happens:

You go from no scalable offer, lack of direction and doing a million things every hour...

...To clarity in your offer, scalable funnels, our precision sales system & extreme focus!

Plus, you didn’t have to wait years for it to happen.

Or do things you hate.

Or put in 10 times the effort.

Again, it’s called SCALE.

Lots of other methods of building your business exist - it’s just that, most of them suck and take forever!


“Nothing else has worked in the past - why will this?”

Because we do everything with you.

And we're awesome at it.
We’ll build your systems and client roster AND white-label our results for you. But act now. Before the price doubles, before there’s a waiting list, before the Bonuses are gone for good!
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